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Impact Devices

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About Us

Impact Devices has been acquired by Olson Instruments as of August 2018.  We will be fulfilling previous, future, and custom orders.

Olson Instruments

Headquartered in Wheat Ridge, Colorado USA, Olson Instruments, Inc. is an industry leader in the manufacturing of Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT&E) Instrumentation widely used in the construction field. We design and engineer NDT systems that are first used by our sister company, Olson Engineering, Inc. ( before selling field-proven instruments worldwide that provide the quality, ruggedness and performance demanded by industry standards. The systems are assembled in-house so you can be assured that we have the bench strength to provide assistance for years to come. If you call in for Tech Support, more often than not you will be speaking with an engineer who has actually designed and used the equipment and/or written the software! 

With Olson’s broad knowledge and experience, we provide personalized service for all of your NDT instrumentation needs. We do not outsource any tech support questions, and should you require software and/or hardware support, we welcome your questions and comments. If you don't find a product on our website that suits your needs, let us know. Purchase the instruments to do-it-yourself, or hire one of our expert consulting engineers to find, characterize and assess the condition of structures—nondestructively.

Since 1993, Olson has been an established manufacturer of sensors and data collection systems. Our products are designed to address the requirements of the civil engineering industry for condition assessment. This focus has resulted in professional Nondestructive Testing & Evaluation, Geophysical and Laboratory test systems that are recognized world-wide for their durability, versatility, and superior quality.


Impact Devices

Impact Devices was founded in 1991 by Kenneth Roy and George Issacs who had extensive experience in the design and marketing of solenoids. Roy and Issacs met while working for Lucas- Ledex, a worldwide supplier of solenoid solutions. During Roy's career as an engineer he designed solutions for companies including Xerox, Unisys, and NCR. Impact Devices products are covered by three patents, which carry Roy's name.